Located at 2150 S. Endeavor Street, Wasilla Alaska

Located Across the street from the Iditarod Headquarters







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Located in Wasilla Alaska on the front of  Knik Goose Bay Road on the front corner of Endeavor Street and

across the street from the Iditarod Headquarters.


 We made our syrup here in Wasilla but have been making it in Talkeetna


  You can buy our birch syrup and birch jelly in just about any major retail store here in Alaska.

Look for it in the Alaska gift section. 




Environmentally Friendly Sap Collection Method

Leaving a Low Carbon Footprint in our Sap Gathering Technique


We don't use snow machines or four wheelers to gather sap from the birch forest.  We use lines of tubing and collection tanks.    We walk through the forest with snowshoes to set our lines and tap the trees. It's very quiet work and a calm way to celebrate spring harvest each and every year.   This is much more than just making and producing birch syrup for us. I feel the product reflects this special time.

     Kevin learned the skills of Syrup making on a fifth generation farm of maple syrup producers starting his first maple syrup business at the age of 14  with his brother Gary. Both maple and birch syrup are made in the same way. They taste nothing alike and we use them differently.  We use birch syrup as a spice to cook with but it caramels as well and makes excellent glazes and is great in stir fry's.  I mix soy sauce and birch syrup for excellent teriyaki flavor.  It enhances natural flavors with it unique flavor and has endless possibilities in cooking or just straight from the bottle .  It's wonderful over vanilla ice cream too. We use maple syrup for pancakes and waffles, but that's just how we prefer to use both syrups.  I sometimes use a little light birch syrup on pancakes because a little goes a long way which is great when your counting calories. There are many that use it in their marinade recipes for wild game and fish brine for smoked salmon. We have a company in Alaska that uses it in a mustard they make and sell.  Many new products are being created each year with birch syrup.  Now many breweries are using it in and out of Alaska to make birch beer.  The popularity increases outside this state each and every year as it makes its way around the world. I call it Alaska's Secret Ingredient. 


You can only make maple syrup or birch syrup just once a year during spring time.  We have about three to four weeks each year to make syrup for the whole year depending on mother natures plans. Last year this small group of four people quietly put up tubing and gathered sap for the entire season making close to 500 gallons of pure birch syrup with their small quiet crew. Each year we expand a little more as our financing and contracts permit.  This method of birch sap gathering is both environmentally friendly as well as cost effective. 


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